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1978 Wednesday   London The Rock Garden, England
01st February
Tubeway Army

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  The Rock Garden  
  6/9 The Piazza
  Covent Garden
    The Rock Garden
  Doors Open -  
  Gary Numan on Stage -  
  Price Standing -  
  Price Seating -  
  Age Limit -  
  Venue Capacity -   Rock Garden Ticket


  Band Members    

  Gary Numan Vocals, Guitar  
  Paul Gardiner Bass
  Bob Simmonds Drums  

  Support Acts  

  Tubeway Army were support to Boyfriends  
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  01 -  
  02 -  
  03 -  
  04 -  

  Venue Reviews & Notes  

  The actual bootleg came about because a person who shall remain nameless did a copy of my recording at a party in Bolton and fortunately only the one from the Rock Garden gig and not the actual Roxy gig that to date has never seen the light of day (Nor will it) then had it bootlegged on plain white vinyl in a pressing plant in France this original pressing I think had 100 initial copies done (Might have been 200 but I'm sure it was 100) and came in a plain white standard sleeve (Cardboard) on 400gm vinyl and sold exclusively through a shop in Manchester called The Record Peddlar 1981.  Then when the interest started to appear some bright spark subsequently repressed it (The version you know today as in the picture) with picture sleeve but was not taken from the audio cassette but was in fact copied from the 1st run of vinyl. If you listen carefully to the Vinyl release it has the vinyl clicks in places which were then remastered out from the one on the CD release but they took that from the Roxy Bootleg LP as shown here and cleaned it up. The sleeve version shown had 350 copies pressed no more than that and these were pressed at the same French pressing plant and sold for around £18.00 to £50+ at the time average in Record Peddlar I think varied and I saw a few sold for around the £25 mark. I never got 1 penny out of any of these nor should I have.  I suspect Gary Numan never saw any cash either. So that's the story behind the alleged Roxy LP which was in the Rock Garden gig.  And finally the track White Light is from the other Tubeway gig at the Vortex (Don't confuse that with the Mean street track on the Vortex LP)  not the Roxy one that I suggested earlier.  Sorry I hadnt checked when posting that up earlier.  I'm now sure that version was the Vortex gig as it's much poorer quality. Oh and the Cassette used to tape the three gigs was a sanyo hand held mono cassette player, Black and silver and looked like a small volvo estate. :-)  

  London The Rock Garden Printed Material  

  Record Mirror Advert Tubeway Army February 1978    
  Record Mirror 04th February 1978  


  Venue Statistics  

Opened - 1976  
Closed - 31st December 2008
  London Rock Garden

Total number of live performances at this venue by Gary Numan  
01. 01st February 1978 - UK Gig
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02 February 2021

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