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Micromusic - 2010


Record Details -
Country - United Kingdom Highest Chart Position - Failed
Label - Mortal Records Cover Type - Plastic Case
Catalogue No - MORTALDVD007 Number Issued -  
Date Released - 14th April 2010 Barcode - 5014249120974
Format - DVD PAL Release Type - Live Release
Approx Running Time -      
Picture Format -      
Images -
Gary Numan DVD Micromusic 2010 UK Gary Numan DVD Micromusic 2010 UK Gary Numan DVD Micromusic 2010 UK    
Front Cover Rear Cover DVD    
Gary Numan DVD Micromusic 2010 UK Gary Numan DVD Micromusic 2010 UK Gary Numan DVD Micromusic 2010 UK  
Inner Booklet P1 Inner Booklet P2 Inner Booklet P3 Inner Booklet P4  
Tracklist -
A - 01. Intro Tape    
A - 02. This Wreckage    
A - 03. Remind Me To Smile    
A - 04. Metal    
A - 05. Me! I Disconnect From You    
A - 06. Complex    
A - 07. The Aircrash Bureau    
A - 08. Airlane    
A - 09. M.E.    
A - 10. Everyday I Die    
A - 11. Films    
A - 12. Remember I Was Vapour    
A - 13. Trois Gymnopedies No.1    
A - 14. Shes Got Claws    
A - 15. Cars    
A - 16. I Dream Of Wires    
A - 17. I`m An Agent    
A - 18. The Joy Circuit    
A - 19. I Die: You Die    
A - 20. Cry The Clock Said    
A - 21. Tracks    
A - 22. Down In The Park    
A - 23. My Shadow In Vain    
A - 24. Please Push No More    
A - 25. Are `Friends` Electric ?    
A - 26. We Are Glass    
Run Out Groove Details -
Notes -
We've noticed a few comments where people seem to think that the new MicroMusic DVD has been obtained by making a copy from an original laser disc, or even a VHS cassette. We just wanted to correct that and make it clear to everyone that the Micromusic DVD comes from fully remastered video footage from a true analogue video master tape from the 1980's period which was eventually found after literally years of searching. This master tape was of the highest possible quality, given the state of video technology that existed in the early 80's of course. In addition, the soundtrack has been remastered and offers a greatly improved audio experience compared to the original release and the DVD also features an hour long exclusive interview with Gary Numan talking frankly about the Wembley period.
News Update on NuWorld 22 March 2010
NTSC Version was available for the USA and Canada.
Original Price £14.99    

Credits -  

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