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A Game Called Echo


Here we play games
Like turning men into boys
And everyone must cry or love

Recall 'My circuit'
Recall 'I'm not-you are'
Remember that I moved too soon

Corridor empty
Time to call in the stage
A game called echo

Now I ask questions
I get so nervous of
A game called echo

We rename vehicles
You rename heroes
I switch to auto

You are reception
I can take it or leave
Do I need permission to stop?


Total Number of Plays 4
Taken from the original 12" Single - Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 3
First played in concert on - 05th December 2006 at Nottingham Rock City, England England
Most recently played on - 09th December 2006 at London, The Forum, England England
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A Game Called Echo
Live Performances in 2006 - 4

05 December 2006 - Nottingham, Rock City England
06 December 2006 - Glasgow, Queen Margaret Union England
07 December 2006 - Manchester Academy England
09 December 2006 - London, The Forum England


Year - 1985

12" B Side - Tubeway Army Vol 3

Song Length - 5.10

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

05 December 2021

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