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2006 In Person & On Air  

  Date Location or show Material Country

  28th April 2006 Janice Long Session BBC Radio 2
  20th May 2006 DJ Dave Clark Interview  
  05th July 2006 The Times Online Podcast Internet
  15th July 2006 Stuart Maconle BBC Radio 2
  15th July 2006 Guilfest 2006 BBC Radio 2
  24th July 2006 Tom Robinson 5 song session BBC Radio 6
  06th October 2006 BBC 6 Mix with DJ Asha BBC Radio 6
    XFM (Gig Pig)    
    BBC Radio Oxford    
    Radio London 1 Hour Special    
    Jonathon Ross Radio Show    
    Steve Wright Interview BBc Radio 2    
    Jason X Interview    
    Tory L Waters Interview    
    Interview 14th July 2006    
    Interview 25 August 2006    
    Phil Jupitue Show    
    Synth Riff Top Ten Countdown    
    Analog Blasphemer    


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