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The End Of Things



Is that a voice calling me softly ?
Nothing in here is quite how it seems
Is that a whispers touch or my fear ?
Am I awake or lost in old dreams

Everything's so cold, the air is so still
There should be nothing here to see
Is this a warning, like in the black book ?
There can be no-one else but me

I see a darker shade of darkness
I see a shadow hide in the lie
I feel a suffocating tension
Within a terrible desire

Everything's so cold, the air is so still
There should be nothing here to fear
But I hear breathing, a child's laughter
Can any part of this be real ?

Everything I work for
Everything I long for is always just too far
Everything I hope for never comes to me
Everything I bleed for burns a scar on me
Everything I fight for leaves a bitter taste
Everything I cry for laughs into my face
Everything I scream for barely knows my name
Everything I'd die for will die just the same
In here with me

Is this the truth of your forgiveness ?
Are you the stranger stood at my door ?
Are you the end of things come calling ?
Are you the asnswer that I've wished for ?

Everything's so cold, the air is so still
And there is nothing here but me
If I belong here and this is mercy
Then there's no place I'd rather be

Everything I worked for
Everything I longed for was always just too far
Everything I hoped for never came to me
Everything I bled for burned a scar on me
Everything I fought for left a bitter taste
Everything I cried for laughed into my face
Everything I screamed for barely knew my name
Everything I died for died just the same
In here, with me


Total Number of Plays 9
Taken from the original LP - Savage
First played in concert on - 30th September 2017 at Cardiff Tramshed, Wales
Most recently played on - 21st October 2017 - Amsterdam Paradiso, Netherlands

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The End Of Things Live Performances in 2017 - 9

30 September 2017 - Cardiff, The Tramshed England
05 October 2017 - Bristol Colston Hall England
06 October 2017 - Oxford O2 Academy England
10 October 2017 - Glasgow O2 ABC England
11 October 2017 - Birmingham O2 Institute England
14 October 2017 - London Brixton O2 Academy England
17 October 2017 - Norwich LCR England
19 October 2017 - Leuven, Het Depot England
21 October 2017 - Amsterdam Paradiso England



Main Song Listing


Year - 2017

LP - Savage

Song Length -

Written by - Gary Numan

Data Last Updated
29 October 2017

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