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The Angel Wars


I won't pray here
Or bow my head
I won't praise your name
I won't kneel down

I won't pray to you
On this side of sane (Oh Lord)
I won't pray to you
On this side of hell (Father)
I won't pray to you
On this side of heaven again

I don't need faith
Forgiveness of sin
I don't need saving
I don't need lies

I don't believe
In the angel wars (Oh Lord)
I don't believe
In the virgin birth (Father)
I don't believe
In the cross on the hill (Jesus)
I don't believe
In the kindness of God to man

I'll drive a stake
Through the black of your heart (Oh Lord)
I'll pull down your temples
And burn every word (Father)
I'll kill all the angels
That show me 'The Light' (Jesus)
I'll drift into darkness
And tear out the soul of God


Total Number of Plays 16
Taken from the original album - Exile
First played in concert on - 18th April 1999 at Nottingham Rock City, England England
Most recently played on - 29th November 2000 at Brussels, Botanique, Belgium Belgium
Years Song Plays for year.
The Angel Wars
Live Performances in 1999 - 4

18 April 1999 - Nottingham Rock City England
12 June 1999 - London, The Forum England
07 August 1999 - Eurorock Festival England
13 November 1999 - Manchester Academy England



The Angel Wars
Live Performances in 2000 - 12

15 April 2000 - London, Shepherds Bush Empire England
20 October 2000 - London, Brixton Academy England
20 November 2000 - Cologne Prime Club England
21 November 2000 - Stuttgart Die Rohre England
22 November 2000 - Basel Kaserne England
23 November 2000 - Vienna, Szene Wien England
24 November 2000 - Munich Metropolis England
25 November 2000 - Erfurt, Centrum England
26 November 2000 - Berlin Pfefferburg England
27 November 2000 - Copenhagen Vega England
28 November 2000 - Hamburg Schlachthof England
29 November 2000 - Brussels Le Botanique England



Year - 1997

CD - Exile

Song Length - 5.01

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated

28 February 2021

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