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Only a Downstat


Only a downstat
Personality problem
He would say things like 'I love you'
And cry real tears

Met him in some place
Like a home for old mothers
Where the cure is always death
But no-one ever leaves

He wore a number 7
Badge on his collar
He would show it with pride
And say 'it means I can feel'

He'd bribe the warders
To send letters to someone
Who didn't even know his name
But said she'd read them anyway

And in the evening (??)
He writes poetry for people
Who deny he's alive
And say 'I'll mention that name'

A violator of the law of no feelings
They should be put in the chair
Until their eyes come in (??)

If you have reasons
I might sell you my time
I'll leave it under the stairs
In a body of mine

Old memories are slowly fading out of me
We are the unknowns, we are all you need



Total Number of Plays 15
Taken from the original 12" - Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 2
First played in concert on - 29th February 2008 at Bristol 02 Academy, England England
Most recently played on - 15th March 2008 at London Indigo 2, England England
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Song Meaning


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Only A Downstat Live Performances in 2008 - 15

29 February 2008 - Bristol 02 Academy England
01 March 2008 - Sheffield Corporation England
02 March 2008 - Glasgow ABC England
03 March 2008 - Belfast, Spring 7 Airbrake, Northern Ireland England
04 March 2008 - Dublin Tripod England
05 March 2008 - Nottingham Rock City England
07 March 2008 - Newcastle 02 Academy England
08 March 2008 - Manchester Academy England
09 March 2008 - Norwich UEA England
10 March 2008 - Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall England
11 March 2008 - Cambridge, The Junction England
12 March 2008 - Brighton, the Dome England
13 March 2008 - Oxford, 02 Academy England
14 March 2008 - Southampton University England
15 March 2008 - London, Indigo 2 England



Main Song Listing


Year - 1985

Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 2 12"

Song Length - 3.38

Written by - Gary Numan

Data Last Updated
08 April 2015

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