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Listen To The Sirens



Flow my tears
The new police song
The slogan of peace is
'You must live'
They've got me and I'm one of them

Cancel - 'Silence'
They screamed for days
'We've been here before
We won't stay'
They can die
They can just turn off

Some vehicle moves in circles
Some people need the heroes
But I don't mind
I don't mind

Please listen to the sirens
We don't wish to be your friends
Please listen to the sirens
We won't ever call again

Mister Webb
There is no way out
Love this room
Please don't fight your walls
Can you see I'm wasting your time?

A streetcar's rusting unseen
Music hall's empty like me
But I don't care
I don't care

Please listen to the sirens
We don't wish to be your friends
Please listen to the sirens
We won't ever call again

If I could stay here for now
With someone just a bit like you
'Oh no'
Maybe I would dream again
Of someone just a bit like you
S'pose so

Station boys
Keep their hands on steel
Tubeway days
Now seem quite unreal
Its always so close
But never quite arrives

My visions like an old film. Shaky
Theres nothing through my window. O.K.
No photo by my bedside. Black/White.
No image in my mirror. Bye Bye




Total Number of Plays 12
Taken from the original album - Tubeway Army
First played in concert on - 02nd November 1994 at Guildford Civic Hall, England England
Most recently played on - 02nd April 2011 at London, The Troxy, England England
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Song Meaning


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Listen To The Sirens Live Performances in 1994 - 10

02 November 1994 - Guildford Civic Hall England
03 November 1994 - Manchester, Labatts Apollo England
04 November 1994 - Southampton Guildhall England
05 November 1994 - London, Hammersmith Apolllo England
06 November 1994 - Birmingham Town Hall England
08 November 1994 - Folkestone Lees Cliff Hall England
09 November 1994 - Bristol Bierkeller England
10 November 1994 - Milton Keynes, The Sanctuary England
11 November 1994 - Colchester, The Charter Hall England
12 November 1994 - London, Astoria 2 England



Listen To The Sirens Live Performances in 2011 - 2

01 April 2011 - Manchester Academy England
02 April 2011 - London Troxy England



Main Song Listing


Year - 1978

LP - Tubeway Army

Song Length - 3.06

Written by - Gary Numan

Data Last Updated
09 April 2015

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