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I could listen to you scream
Pretty music to my ears
I could listen to it all day
If you want me to? 

I could talk about my world
How you brought about ruin
I could talk about your greed
If you want me to?

 I could look into evil
See a heart just like mine
I could throw away reason
If you want me to?

I could walk into darkness
Find the hole you crawled in to
I will be the intruder
If you want me to?

You can whisper your Lord’s Prayer
And pretend that it matters
But don’t you wish you’d just listened more?
You can hide in the shadows
And pretend I won’t find you
But don’t you wish you’d just listened more?

 I could listen to more lies
About promises you kept
Will you walk on water
Like you said you would?

I could make you my prisoner
But you were dead men talking
When you burned the oceans.
Like you said you would

 You can beg for God’s mercy
And pretend that He hears you
But don’t you wish you’d just listened more?
You can drown in your sorrow
And pretend you were helpless
But don’t you wish you’d just listened more?

 This was always your one life
I won’t pretend that it matters
But don’t you wish you’d just listened more?
This was always your one home
I won’t pretend that I’ll miss you
But don’t you wish you’d just listened more?


Total Number of Plays 25
Taken from the original Album - To Be Released
First played in concert on - 22nd September 2019 at Dublin Olympia Theatre USA
Most recently played on - 25th October 2019 at London Roundhouse, England England

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To Be Inserted


Live Performances in 2019 - 25

22 September 2019 - Dublin Olympia Theatre England
23 September 2019 - Bexhil De La Warr Pavilion England
24 September 2019 - Worthing Assembly Hall England
26 September 2019 - Newcastle 02 Academy England
27 September 2019 - Aberdeen Beach Ballroom England
28 September 2019 - Glasgow 02 Academy England
30 September 2019 - Liverpool 02 Academy England
01 October 2019 - Northampton Roadmender England
03 October 2019 - Cardiff Tramshed England
03 October 2019 - Southend Cliffs Pavilion England
05 October 2019 - Southampton 02 Guildhall England
07 October 2019 - Cambridge Corn Exchange England
08 October 2019 - Norwich Nick Rayns LCR England
10 October 2019 - Manchester Albert Hall England
11 October 2019 - Sheffield 02 Academy England
12 October 2019 - Leeds 02 Academy England
14 October 2019 - Hull University Union England
15 October 2019 - Coventry Empire England
17 October 2019 - Leicester 02 Academy England
18 October 2019 - Nottingham Rock City England
19 October 2019 - Birmingham Institute England
21 October 2019 - Bournemouth 02 Academy England
22 October 2019 - Bristol 02 Academy England
24 October 2019 - London Roundhouse England
25 October 2019 - London Roundhouse England



Main Song Listing



Year - 2019


Song Length - 0.00

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated
02 November 2019

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