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Bridge ? What Bridge ?

Is this a party ?

Boys like rain, cries like this time, cries I suppose, you know
Boys like rain, cries like this time, I suppose, like this time rain
Boys could grieves, too like I could down tonight I could die
Boys like me cries this time I suppose you know I cried

And I'm going into like I sing like me

Boys like rain, cries seems like I suppose this time I rain.. no
Boys like me cries I could don't suppose I could rain
Save me tonight
Boys like me seems like I could die scream like I know.. you
Boys like me cries this, oh no cries I don't know

Like I'm going into like I'm me

Boys like down
Boys like me, seems like I suppose
Boys like me
Boys lie down, seems like I suppose

Like I'm going into like I'm me now

Boys like me
Boys lie down suppose this time rain
Boys like down cries seems like boys suppose this time rain
Boys like me cry seems like down suppose this time me cries 'no'
Boys like me
Boys lie down cries 'I don't know' cries..

Hey, where is this bridge, anyway ?









Song Meaning


To Be Inserted










Bridge ? What Bridge ?

Year Image Title Country Time Catalogue No.


Music For Chameleons 4.27 BEG 70 (12" B-Side)
1990 Asylum 2 4.27 ALCB 10~13 (CD)
1993 Telekon / I, Assassin 4.23 BEGA 154 CD (CD)
2002 I, Assassin Reissue 4.23 BBL40CD (CD)
2004 I, Assassin Reissue 4.23 TECI-24262 (CD)
4.23 2501-2 (CD)
4.23 BBL40CD (CD)

5 Album Boxset

I, Assassin CD 4

4.22 BBQCD 2104(CD)

Credits -  
Gary Numan - Vocals
Mick Karn - Bass
Mickie Holiday - Backing Vocals

Main Song Listing


Year - 1982

12" B Side - Music For Chameleons

Song Length - 4.26

Written by - Gary Numan

Last Checked or Updated
22 February 2020

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