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EMI Records Vinyl Pressing Plant
Gary Numan

EMI Pressing Plant

Address (Obsolete) Opened 1973 and closed 2000
1 - 3 Uxbridge Road  
Hayes The plant had 112 vinyl presses (EMI 1400) which were
Middlesex custom built in house.
UB4 0SY  
Tel: 01-561 8722  

Gary Numan LP Dance 1981 UK Gary Numan LP Dance 1981 UK
The characteristic runout pattern is: xU-m-n (e.g. 2U 1G). A record with the following in the runout "BEG 5A 2U 1G"
can be broken down as follows:
"BEG 5" is the catalogue number. "A" is the side identifier. "2U" is the cut number with U identifying the pressing as an
external cut (i.e. that it was not cut at the EMI-owned Abbey Road Studios), "1G" shows the mother and stamper
Matrix details are stamped.

7" Singles pressed at EMI Records  
EMI Records 7" Singles have an outer stamping impression  
ring diameter of 58mm and an inner centre hole of 38mm  
7" BEG 5 1978 That's Too Bad  
7" BEG 8 1978 Bombers
7" BEG 95 1983 Warriors
7" BEG 101 1983 Sister Surprise
7" NBR 1 1987 All Across The Nation
7" PO 43 1989 I'm On Automatic
7" NUMAN 1 1991 Heart

12" Singles pressed at EMI Records  
12" BEG 95T 1983 Warriors  
12" PZ 43 1989 I'm On Automatic

LP's pressed at EMI Records  
LP EISRA 1021 1988 Metal Rhythm  
LP EISRA 1019 1989 The Skin Mechanic Live
LP EISRA 1039 1991 Outland

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