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1988 Concerts | Studio & Media

  Total number of appearances now stands at 19 for 1988

  UK Flag Disco (1)
  05 March London The Flag Disco
  UK - The Metal Rhythm Tour (18)  
  24 September Exeter Plaza
  25 September Newport Centre
  26 September Bristol Colston Hall
  27 September Guildford Civic Hall
  28 September London Dominion Theatre
  29 September Oxford Apollo
  30 September Southampton Mayflower
  01 October Manchester Apollo
  02 October Birmingham Alexander Theatre
  03 October Sheffield City Hall
  04 October Leicester De Montfort Hall
  06 October Glasgow Barrowlands
  07 October Newcastle City Hall
  08 October Hull City Hall
  09 October Liverpool Empire
  10 October London Astoria
  11 October London Astoria
  12 October London Astoria
  Venues Cancelled or Adjusted  

  24 September Peterborough Wiriana Stadium Cancelled Venue too small. Moved to  
    Exeter Plaza  
  05 October Carlisle Sands Cancelled due to poor ticket sales.  

  Date Location or Show Channel or Studio Country

  30th January Lee's Place  
  01st April NBC VIP Program    
  02nd April Big Breakfast    
  04th April Radio 4    
  06th April Live 6 Show    
  26th June Holiday 88 BBC One
  29th September Childrens ITV ITV
  18th October Off The Wall TVS
  08th December Daytime Live BBC One




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