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  Paul Gardiner 1977 - 1981
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  Profile -  

  Full Name - Paul Gardiner Paul Gardiner
  Place of Birth - Hayes, Middlesex
  Nationality - British
  Date of Birth - 01 May 1958
  Date Died - 18 February 1984 (See notes)
  Associated Groups - Dramatis
  Instruments - Bass Guitar, Keyboards
  After the news of Paul's death began reaching the media and Tubeway Army fans, Beryl Webb released the following statement in issue 13 of The Gary Numan Newsletter, the entire issue of which was dedicated to Paul Gardiner's passing: "Paul was found dead on a park bench near his home in Northolt, Middlesex on the morning of Saturday 18th February, 1984. Both Gary and I were in constant contact with Paul and one of us spoke with him almost every day of the week. He really was like one of our own family and I know that Paul felt the same about us; we were very close. The last telephone conversation that I had with Paul was the day before his death (17 February 1984) when he told me how excited he was at the prospect of working with John on one of John's own composition, the progress that was being made with the tapes that Gary and the band were working on and of course Paul had been working in the studio with Dramatis. Pauls cremation took place on Monday 27th February 1984 at 2.30pm at Breakspear Road Crematorium in Ruislip, 9 days after been found dead.
  The above date of Saturday 18th February 1984 along with the cause of death which was from an overdose of valium
  and dicanol is verified and has been taken from Paul's death certificate.
  Thank you to Chris Gardiner (Paul's son) for the information. 12/01/2021

  Musical Contributions -  

  Studio Singles  
  1978 That's Too Bad      
  1978 Bombers      
  1979 Down In The Park      
  1979 Are 'Friends' Electric ?      
  1979 Cars      
  1979 Complex      
  1980 We Are Glass      
  1980 I Die: You Die      
  1980 This Wreckage      
  1981 Stormtrooper In Drag      
  1981 She's Got Claws      
  Studio Albums  
  1978 Tubeway Army      
  1979 Replicas      
  1979 The Pleasure Principle      
  1980 Telekon      
  1980 Dance      
  Live Albums  
  2009 Living Ornaments '79      
  2010 Living Ornaments '80      



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