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01 May 2015

28th - May

On this day 1998 the North American Exile Tour played at The St.Petersburg State Theatre, USA.


Sunday 14 June 2015
Ink N Iron Festival
Long Beach, California

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Gary Numan 
Are 'Friends' Electric ? 690
Cars 674
Down In The Park 624
Metal 498
Films 429
I Die: You Die 376
Me! I Disconnect From You 358
We Are Glass 336
A Prayer For The Unborn 287
Pure 269
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Mortal Records
Machine Music Live
Released 03 December 2013

Mortal Records
LP Vinyl | CD
Released 14 October 2013

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Losing Myself In You

In A Dark Place
March 2006
Dark Light (Live EP)
May 1995
Listen To The Sirens - 1978
From The Original Album -
Tubeway Army
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Soundcloud - I Am Dust
Dominion Day
April 1998
14 October 2013
Released during May 1995
Dark Light Live EP
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Replicas 1979
Netherlands 660.047
14 October 2013
Machine Music Live
03 December 2013
Electronic Pioneer Redux
Paul Goodwin


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I Am Dust EP
07 July 2014
Pure Tour Edition Reissue
June 2012
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